This set is nothing more than a swindle

Site-Specific Installation for Cervantes Birth House Museum.
Fabrics (canvas, PVC vinyl, candle), polyester tape, boning.


The awning in the Museum’s courtyar is replaced by a textile composition that functions as a theatre curtain, transforming this central space into a stage for action. The ornamental motifs present in the rooms of the native house are some of the main characters of this site-specific installation. Details of the mural or the ‘guadameciles’ ( a sort of handmade embossed leather) are activated and put "in motion" by the invigilators, reconfiguring and fictionalizing the lights and shadows that the sun projects onto the Museum’s central spot. The scene takes light as a script where this composition gets constantly rearranged. A sort of choreography that invites the visitors to enter in a temporal fictional site.