The Dream Follows the Mouth (of the one who interprets it)


In the video-installation The Dream Follows the Mouth (of the one who interprets it) we come across two intertwined sculptural movements that, as they unfold, overlap figure and background through dance and humming. Consisting of a projection in the foreground, and in the background, a behind-the scenes populated with objects, the jux­taposition of the two creates a plot from a series of small performative actions enacted by a group of women. The choreographer, or perhaps we should consider her a “puppeteer”, slowly and methodically reconstructs a modular scenography. The gestures inevitably provoke a kind of mimetic behaviour in the three dancers that make up the chorus, the “puppets”. Similarly to classical Greek theatre where the chorus responded to the main character, the dancers move about somewhat mechanically, as if sleepwalking, hit a wooden construction, rotate blown-glass sculptures and hum to themselves or play the melody of Siboney on the strings of a classical organ
Bárbara Rodriguez-Muñoz.





Maria lghoumrassi
Svenja Buhl
Natalie Sloth Richter
Belinda Papavasileiou
Sara Rodrigues
Voice of
Maria lghoumrassi
Alice P Simmons
Tara Mexis
Sara Rodrigues
Director. Leonor Serrano Rivas
Producer. Eve Dautremant-Tomas
Liaison. Kirsty White
First direction asssistant. Diego de las Heras
Director of Photography. Martin Testar
Camera Assistant. Jonathan Boyd
Floatcam Operator. Dean Steadman
Sound Recording Director. Adam Asnan
Sound Recording. Andrés de las Heras
Editor. Daniel Goddard
Audio Design and Postproduction. Adam Asnan
Colourist and postproduction. Sonic Films , Colm O’Rourke
Runner. Edmund Cook, Katja Verheul
Glass maker. Liam Reeves
Costume maker. Inés de Mena
Costume Stylist. Katja Verheul, Leonor Serrano Rivas
Glass Tuner. Rodrigo B. Camacho
Organist. Daniel Glaus
Location. Swiss Church, London

Kindly supported by the Botín Foundation, Arts Council England 2016 and the Swiss Church in London